Defend Yourself Against Violent Crimes

Front Sight

The self defense training provided at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute near Las Vegas, Nevada, helps people learn how to protect themselves against crimes. Some people think, “Well, there are not that many crimes that actually happen. What are the chances of one happening near me?”  The speculation that crimes are rare is wrong. For example, by November 26, 2008, there have already been seventy two recorded violent crimes in Bellevue, Washington. Keep in mind that these are just the violent crimes, including domestic violence, rape, assault, robbery, threat with a weapon and physical disturbance. Seventy two violent crimes in twenty six days – that is almost three violent crimes a day! That seems far from acceptable. In Hillcrest, a neighborhood in San Diego, California, so far in November there have been fifty one recorded burglaries, assaults and sexual assaults. There are not that many crimes that actually happen? Think again.

Dr. Ignatius Piazza, founder and director of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is appalled at statistics like these, and wants to help citizens learn how to protect themselves through several varieties of self defense training. His institute offers courses in gun training, martial arts, knife training, and several others. Not all crimes happen in the daytime, when there is adequate lighting. In fact, many violent crimes tend to happen at night, where vision is impaired. For that reason, in addition to the day firearms training courses, there are night firearms training courses to make sure that students get the chance to learn everything possible about self defense.  Front Sight knows that crimes happen in different ways. Some attackers have guns. Others have knives. Still, others have different weapons or no weapon at all. Each attack must be countered in a specific way. That is why Front Sight Firearms Training Institute gives more than just lessons in shooting a gun. 

The huge variety of self defense training courses at Front Sight is complemented well by the instructors. When you think back to your favorite class in school, I would be willing to bet that a main reason you liked the class is because you had an amazing teacher or professor.  Instructors can make or break a class, and at Front Sight, they definitely make them.  The instructors are highly trained individuals who must first pass a severely intense course to even be considered for the job as a Front Sight Professional Instructor. Actually, many applicants do not pass the course on the first try. However, their dedication to themselves and to future students is proven by the fact that they keep trying and enroll in the course again. They must prove themselves worthy of Front Sight students. Dr. Ignatius Piazza wants his students to receive only the best. Anything less than the best is not an option for him.

Cody E. Smith, a student of Front Sight said, “If you own a gun or plan to own a gun, don't you think you should know how to use it? I have a tremendous knowledge of firearms and a lot of experience shooting them, but I did not truly know how to use them until I came to Front Sight. If you want to learn how to truly use a firearm, not just shoot it at a target range, you need to go to Front Sight. ”