Are You Ready to Defend Yourself?

Gun Training

Why should I, of all people, get firearms training? You may be thinking, "I live in a great neighborhood."  Or possibly, "Nothing bad will ever happen to me."  Well, let me tell you this. I do live in a wonderful neighborhood. And two months ago, there were four break-ins. Still think your neighborhood is completely protected against intruders? I had a very close friend. He was raised in an upper middle class family, claimed to have good morals and had always been extremely caring to me. Five years ago, I was about thirty seconds away from becoming another rape statistic - by his choice. I had never had proper self defense training - no gun training, no knife training, not even any martial arts training.  My body shut down.  My mind became a void. I could not even feel the tears burning my cheeks. I had never been taught how to handle threatening situations like this, so I just didn't. I got lucky. He let me go. Do you still think it could never happen to you? What if your attacker chooses to not let you go?

Looking back at that, I wish that I had taken courses like the courses Dr. Ignatius Piazza offers. He offers self defense training courses that are unrivaled. Dr. Piazza founded and now directs a place near Las Vegas, Nevada, called Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. It is located on a 550 acre plot of land about a sixty minute drive from Las Vegas. Incredibly trained and experienced instructors teach every course, so students can rest assured that they are getting nothing less than the best training. In fact, the training given at Front Sight far exceeds military and law enforcement standards and is supported by several law enforcement officers and military personnel. Dr. Piazza says, "After your first self defense firearms training course at Front Sight you will leave with self defense firearms training skills that surpass 99% of the gun owning population!"  The firearms training courses offered include handgun training, rifle training, shotgun training and automatic weapons training, such as UZI Submachine Gun Training and the Select Fire M16 training, as well as night gun training. However, gun training is not the only thing offered at Front Sight. Dr. Piazza knows that self defense training goes far beyond just knowing how to handle a firearm, so he also offers courses in edged weapons training, martial arts training, and defensive driving training. A rope, rappelling, and climbing training course is also offered because self defense is not just about defending yourself from other people.  You must be able to defend yourself from the elements.  As important as it is for adults to be properly trained, it is also crucial for children and teens to be trained in self defense. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute offers a child safety training course and a youth safety training course. 

Many people think that if they were attacked, they would just know what to do. Adrenaline will kick in and their attackers would suffer. That is not always the case. It definitely was not like that with me.  Will you know what to do?