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Front Sight Firearms Training Institute's Founder Ignatius Piazza: The Millionaire Patriot

Ignatius Piazza

"America's Millionaire Patriot" is the only name that can be given to Ignatius Piazza, the man who founded Front Sight Firearms Training Institute – the world's largest gun training school.  Ignatius Piazza has discounted millions of dollars in firearms training courses at his gun training school solely to help gun owners secure world class firearms instruction, and because of this, people all over the nation refer to him now as America's Millionaire Patriot.

Ignatius Piazza, the founder and director of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is a patriotic philanthropist in many ways.  Read what he has to say about Front Sight and its mission on

Before he went on the long journey to becoming a firearms instruction professional, Ignatius Piazza started as a successful chiropractor in southern California.  He had fired handguns, rifles and shotguns from time to time, but he'd never received professional firearms training.

That was before his neighborhood was made the target of a random, meaningless drive-by shooting.  It was this event which forced Ignatius Piazza to the necessary conclusion that with his guns locked away in his gun safe, there was nothing he could do to defend himself.  Additionally, even if they were out in the open in the room he was in, his lack of training would have made him equally unprotected, if not unsafe.  Therefore, Ignatius Piazza started off on a quest which involved countless hours, with several dozen hours every week devoted to training in handgun, shotgun and rifle until in August of 1993, Ignatius Piazza became the second man in the world to secure the illustrious Four Weapons Combat Master certification.  Three short years after that, Ignatius Piazza founded Front Sight Firearms Training Institute near Bakersfield, CA. (Front Sight is now located near Pahrump, Nevada.)

Although Front Sight started with just a handful of handgun training students under the direct tutelage of Ignatius Piazza, Front Sight has continued to increase in size, doubling its gun training student base every year, and continually keeping its return rate of firearms training students higher than any other major firearms training school in America.  These days, one can expect to find firearms instruction consisting of rifle training, shotgun training, submachine gun training, handgun training or even unarmed self-defense training any weekend of the year at Front Sight.  Every single gun training student at Front Sight receives nothing but the finest firearms instruction, which puts them above 99% of all gun users in America.

One of the many things which sets Front Sight above the rest of the gun training schools in America is that Front Sight has trained and continues to train citizens, cops and soldiers alike to a skill which surpasses the standards found in law enforcement and military academies, yet Front Sight does so without boot camp mentality or any drill instructors!

Another illustration of the obvious superiority Ignatius Piazza and Front Sight have over the rest of the gun training world is in the amount of profit which gets turned back into "earnings" for firearms training students. Ignatius Piazza regularly creates discounts, free offers and seriously cheap gun training courses so that students can take advantage of the amazing gun training courses at Front Sight without paying full price. So rather than take full profit and tuck the money into his bank account, Ignatius Piazza gives much of the profit back to the gun owning community in the form of opportunities unprecedented or rivaled in the gun training industry.

Take this brief example of Ignatius Piazza's gun training philanthropy: in the twelve years since Front Sight's inception, Ignatius Piazza has given away thousands of $2,000 Four Day Course certificates to the Friends of the NRA.  Used as prizes for raffles at Friends of the NRA banquets, they are used to raise money for NRA programs, which only go further to help Second Amendment rights in America and the gun owning community in general.

Here's another example: just to get gun training enthusiasts on the right track getting gun training, Ignatius Piazza and Front Sight trained over twenty thousand students in a free One Day Submachine Gun Course!  Ignatius Piazza even went so far as to provide the use of the Uzi's and submachine gun ammo free of charge!  Try to fathom the hundreds of thousands of dollars which go into a project like that: absolutely free submachine gun training, machine gun use and ammo – all so that 20,000 private citizens could wield a submachine gun and get hooked on what real, good firearms training is like. Hearing all this, one must wonder if "Millionaire Patriot" really describes the person who is actively working on restoring the Second Amendment and changing the image of gun ownership and firearms training all over America.

Still not convinced of Ignatius Piazza's philanthropy? Ignatius Piazza's most recent, but by no means most easily believable deal: an opportunity to train and receive a free Springfield Armory XD Pistol:  This is your chance to take advantage of the Millionaire Patriot's generosity.  All Ignatius Piazza desires is for America to be armed and trained. He's willing to commit his money to that endeavor.

Want Some of The Secrets of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute? 

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Written by an intelligent, well-read, educated Doctor of Chiropractic, all gun owners would love any of Ignatius Piazza's firearms training courses at Front Sight. Unfortunately, not everyone can just pick up and go to Front Sight and attend a four-day firearms training course. This is understandable and so Ignatius Piazza has personally written 32 Free Gun Training Reports. Loaded with the same firearms training secrets used at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, Ignatius Piazza wants all gun training students to have access to them!

For those who haven't already become subscribers to Ignatius Piazza's 32 Free Gun Training Reports, what are you waiting for?  They're absolutely free and they are chock full of the secrets used at Front Sight, the nation's most successful gun training school.  The firearms training school which delivers gun training to more firearms training students than all other major shooting schools in the nation combined!

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