Become Aware of Your Surroundings

Gun Training

Even if you just plan on making a quick trip to the store, firearms training could save your life. Earlier this week, two men from Illinois, Jonathan G. Massie, age 20, and Clayton C. Bone, age 19, entered a convenience store wearing ski masks and holding shotguns, attempting to perform an armed robbery. Massie has since been arrested. Bone, however, was not that fortunate. 

The two men shared a vehicle - a vehicle that matched the description of a vehicle used as a getaway car the previous night - and the police spotted it and attempted to stop it. The two suspects exited the car and tried to run, when Bone shot himself with his 12-gauge shotgun.  He died at the scene.

Luckily for the store workers and customers, Bone and Massie did not go on a shooting rampage before they fled to their car. But that is not always the case. Many times, robbers will pull out their weapons and start firing randomly. They do not care whether or not you hold the key to the safe. If you are in their way, you could be their target. If you look like you could possibly report them, you could be a target. Learn how to prevent yourself from becoming a target, as well as protecting others around you.  Front Sight Firearms Training Institute near Las Vegas, Nevada can give you that training you need.

Dr. Ignatius Piazza, founder and director of Front Sight wants America - and the rest of the world - to be protected from violence while upholding the rights guaranteed to law abiding citizens in the Second Amendment. Say you were a customer in the convenience store Tuesday night, maybe buying some chips and an energy drink to sustain yourself through your all night study session. In come Massie and Bone, barging through the doors. Are you prepared to respond if one of them holds his shotgun up, aiming it at your nose? Even better, would you be able to recognize the fact that there is a life threatening situation approaching, before the two men even enter the store? I know you are probably thinking, "You can DO THAT? That would be INCREDIBLE!"  Front Sight can help you. Along with different types of firearms training, like handgun training, shotgun training and rifle training, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute teaches students how to be more aware of their surroundings. Even if you think you are a pretty keen observer of facts, you can always sharpen those skills and learn how to notice even the smallest nuances that could be an indication of a threatening situation to come. 

Maybe if someone had been more aware, the police could have been notified sooner. If the police were notified sooner, maybe the two men could have been caught and arrested on the scene, rather than being chased through the city, ending in one arrest and one suicide. Even though he was an armed robber, Bone was only 19, and had his whole life ahead of him. If he had been arrested like Massie, he would have had the chance to live, to change himself and become an upstanding citizen. And now he won't.