The Best Gun Training

Front Sight

On a 550 acre plot of land just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada lays Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, home of some of the most prestigious firearms training instructors there are in the world.  Front Sight offers many different types of gun training, such as handgun training, rifle training, shotgun training, and automatic weapons training. The courses are taught by highly trained professionals and will leave students fully confident and competent when it comes to the field of firearms. Through lecture and practical training, students receive the highest quality of training possible. 

The automatic weapons training courses offered are Half Day Uzi Submachine Gun Training, One Day Uzi Submachine Gun Training, Two Day Uzi Sub Machine Gun Training, Four Day Uzi Submachine Gun Training, Two Day Select Fire M16 Training and Four Day Select Fire M16 Training. Of course, the longer the course, the more in depth training students will get. Not only do students learn how to shoot, they also learn the safety and legal aspects of gun handling and ownership. For example, in the Four Day Uzi Submachine Gun Training Course and the Two Day M16 Training Course, lecture topics include - but are not limited to - Use of Deadly force and the Law; Color Code of Mental Awareness; Civil Liability; Stopping Power; Tactical Application Comparisons to Handgun, Shotgun and Rifle. Students will learn how to load and unload the gun, how to carry it, shooting stance and altered shooting positions, how to align their sight and targets, trigger modulation (to deliver the correct amount of rounds), target engagement, indoor and outdoor shooting, low light and night shooting, man on man shooting competitions among many other things. 

Handgun training courses offered range from half day training to four day training. Also offered is a Five Day Armed Citizen Corps Training Course. The Four Day Defensive Handgun Course is an incredible course for people - law enforcement officers and private citizens alike - who want to fully understand how to defend themselves with a handgun. After this course, students will have learned so much that their skill level can easily surpass 95% of people who actually carry a gun for a living.  This is the course that teaches students how to draw their weapon from a concealed holster and fire two shots, hitting their target, in 1.5 seconds. It is the best course for people who want to carry a handgun for self defense purposes. And, again, students will learn all the legal aspects of gun ownership, gun handling and safety. 

For those who would rather learn how to handle a shotgun, several courses are also offered. The longest, and most in depth course is the Four Day Tactical Shotgun Training Course. It is perfect for people who choose to own a shotgun for self defense or for their job. Teaching speed and precision, the course leaves students with an undeniable surge of confidence in their abilities of handling and operating a shotgun.

When you combine the curriculum of the courses with the skill level of the instructors, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute offers courses in gun training that cannot be beat.