Top Quality Instructors

Front Sight

You are scheduled for surgery and are being assigned a surgeon. Would you be satisfied with the surgeon who has had mediocre training? Of course not. You are in the process of hiring a detective to investigate the murder of a family member. Are you going to select the guy who skated through his schooling? I would hope not. You are about to be taught skills to prevent the death of you or your loved ones, and inadequate training could cost you a life. Want to choose the instructor with lower standards of quality training? Didn't think so. That is why firearms training is at its best at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. 

When you hold a gun, you hold not only a piece of equipment, but you hold people's safety. You hold their security. You hold their lives. Firearms are dangerous with improper training, but can offer protection if the handler has been well taught. Not only is the curriculum at Front Sight well beyond what is typically taught in gun training courses, the quality of instructors far exceeds the norm. In fact, it actually surpasses what is considered better than the norm. Steve Bellah, the Hedge Fund Director and student of Front Sight said, "Front Sight instructors have excellent people skills. They were outstanding with their ability to communicate with us regardless of our experience or skill level. My technical proficiency has improved significantly."  What makes these instructors so great? The training process that they endure is intense, difficult and demanding. 

To even be considered as an instructor at Front Sight, applicants first have to complete an Instructor Development Program. It is a four day course and is supervised by a cadre of certified Range Masters. Have you ever taken a course that fewer than ten percent of the students pass? Think about it. If you were going to start at the beginning of the course with twenty nine other students, and by the end of the class, maybe two or three students would still be there, would you sign up for the class? It is obviously painstakingly complicated. That is the kind of class the Front Sight Instructor Development Course is. Most applicants have to take the course more than once to graduate. There are even people who handle firearms for a living - for example, law enforcement officers and military personnel - who do not make the cut. 

Once the instructors complete the course, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, founder and director of Front Sight, makes sure that they stay on top by requiring Ongoing Instructor Development. This can ensure Front Sight's students that their instructors will never waver in skill or technique, and will always be performing to the best of their ability. The course not only polishes up the instructors' techniques of firearm handling, it helps them brush up on teaching and communication skills, so that they can provide the highest quality customer service available. 

Most people I know will not even hire an accountant that has less than the best schooling and training, and the last time I checked, holding a W2 or a 1099 form has not yet caused any life threatening situations. So why would you put a gamble on your life and the lives of your loved ones by hiring a firearms instructor who is not the best?