Complete Self Defense Training

For Gun Owners

Last month, thirty seven year old Jason Trane Caldwell of Connersville, Indiana, was sentenced to one hundred sixty five years in prison - fifty five years for each person he murdered back in 2005. His wife, his aunt, and his uncle were the victims of this horrific crime. The man first stabbed his wife in the neck. When his aunt bent down to care for her, he shot her in the head. Caldwell's uncle tried to fight with him, but Caldwell caught the older man in a headlock and shot him, too.

It is times like these that adequate self defense training can save lives. Caldwell used three weapons - a gun, a blade, and his body. Complete self defense training enables people to defend themselves against all three weapons. We cannot put blame on Caldwell's wife, aunt, or uncle for their deaths, but giving people the opportunity to be trained in self defense can help prevent crimes like this from happening in the future. Dr. Ignatius Piazza has just the program for that.

In April of 1996, Dr. Piazza founded Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. Back when it was founded, it was located in Bakersfield, California, but now that it has grown so considerably, it is located near Las Vegas, Nevada, on a 550 acre plot of land. Courses in gun training, knife training and empty hands self defense training are all offered. Since you never know what kind of weapon an attacker might use, Dr. Piazza keeps his program well rounded by offering a variety of different courses. Handgun training, rifle training, shotgun training, and automatic weapons training are all courses offered at Front Sight.

Front Sight cares about people's well being and their safety. This is why Dr. Piazza's program offers so many different courses, as opposed to just basic gun training. Who would want to be caught in a situation where someone pulls out a knife? Probably not that many people would take that as a positive situation. However, it would be worse if that happened to you and you suddenly had the realization that you have only had training on the shooting range. You can hit a paper target twenty five feet away just fine, but when it comes time to disable an attacker before he stabs you or your loved one, will you know what to do? It is important to be prepared for any and every possible situation, and Front Sight gives people the chance to do that.

Dr. Piazza knows that Front Sight Firearms Training Institute would not be nearly as effective if it were not for the incredible instructors who work there. Prospects are required to pass a stringent course before they can be brought aboard as instructors. The course is so difficult, in fact, that many people do not pass their first time through. In addition, instructors have to be constantly updating their skills, practicing and continually honing their abilities so that students can be sure they are getting the best instruction possible.