Lifetime Memberships

Front Sight

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute offers superior firearms training. The numbers speak for themselves -- every year for the past twelve years, Front Sight has doubled in size. Most people that attend Front Sight for one course end up wanting to come back again and again… and again. That is why the founder and director, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, created what he calls "Lifetime Memberships."  These memberships offer amazing benefits to the student that wants to keep learning and returning to attend more courses. There are several available so there is something for everyone. Every membership includes an invitation to Front Sight's annual July Fourth Lifetime Members' Reunion Celebration, the opportunity to have your name etched in the First Family Monument, unlimited access to an exclusive website, a First Family Card and a First Family Hat. 

Front Sight is among the best firearms training institutes in the world, so classes fill up quickly. With a lifetime membership, you will never have to worry if a course will be full or not, because members ALWAYS get in. All you have to do is decide which membership is best for you!

The first is the Patriot Membership. It is great for people who want to perfect their techniques with a handgun, shotgun or a rifle. Along with everything listed above, it allows you access to attend the Two and Four Day Defensive Handgun Courses, the Two and Four Day Tactical Shotgun Courses, and the Two and Four Day Practical Rifle Courses as many times as you want for the rest of your life. For people who want a little more than that and want to be experts in the use of a handgun, shotgun, rifle, submachine gun and the Select Fire M16, the Challenge Lifetime Membership will be attractive. It allows members to attend any of the above courses AND the Two and Four Day Uzi Submachine Gun Courses and the Two and Four Day Select Fire M16 Courses. One step up from the Challenge Lifetime Membership is the Legacy Lifetime Membership. It is perfect for people who want to master the above courses, but also want unlimited experience in Empty Hands Defense Training and Edged Weapons Training. Also with the Legacy Lifetime Membership, members can attend the Two Day Handgun Skill Builder Course, to really hone in on technique, and a Four Day Handgun Combat Master Preparation Course. As if that is not enough, Legacy Lifetime Members receive four First Family Course Certificates - so that they can give them away to other people. The Bronze Lifetime Membership emphasizes skill building and force on force scenarios. The courses available for the Bronze Lifetime Members include everything listed above, as well as the Two Day Shotgun Skill Builder, Two Day Rifle Skill Builder, Two Day Advanced Tactical Handgun, and Two Day Handgun, Shotgun and Rifle Tactical Scenarios. In Front Sight's Pro Shop, Armory and Gunsmith, Bronze Lifetime Members receive a twenty percent savings. 

The two most elite courses are the Silver Membership and the Diamond Membership. Silver Members not only receive thirty percent savings in the Pro Shop, Armory and Gunsmith, but they can attend ANY firearm course as many times as they would like, along with other perks. Diamond Members receive forty percent savings and can attend ANY COURSE AT FRONT SIGHT as many times as wanted, and get more perks and benefits than you would believe.

All of these Lifetime Memberships are outstanding offers. It is not a question of, "Do I want to sign up?"  It is more of a question of, "Which one is perfect for me?"