It's Not Always Women

Front Sight

I often write of the importance of firearms training for women, due to rapes and murders from angry ex boyfriends and other sickening but rather common occurrences. However, sometimes the tables are turned and it is the man who is the victim. Such is the case with the death of thirty nine year old Mitchell Kemp. He was murdered by his estranged wife, Tausha L. Fields. It was a dramatic love triangle. Kemp and Fields were married, but Fields was living with her ex husband Gregory Morton. Morton and Fields now face murder charges of Kemp. Fields shot and killed Kemp and then they buried in an unmarked grave in Missouri. Not saying Kemp caused his own death in any way, but had he had proper firearms training, he possibly could have been able disarm Fields and her gun. Even if it was a sudden shooting, good training, like the exceptional training offered at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute can increase a victim's chances of realizing that a threatening situation is about to occur, thus increasing the victim's chances of survival.

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is located just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. It is a place where law abiding citizens can receive the best possible self defense training available, such as handgun training, rifle training, shotgun training, automatic weapons training, edged weapons training and martial arts training. Founded and now directed by Dr. Ignatius Piazza, Front Sight is ranked among the greatest firearms training institutes in the world. Dr. Piazza is a man who really knows his guns, being an expert in many areas, and holding a Four Weapons Combat Master Certificate, and it definitely shows in his work. Students of all experience levels rave about the training they have received at Front Sight, because it is a place that works hard to encompass all students, from the frightened or apprehensive novice to someone who holds a firearm for a living. 

A student of Front Sight, William Jensen, said, "This has been absolutely eye opening. I have had guns in my family all my life and I have, now, been totally educated. I have improved my shooting skills by leaps and bounds in the last few days. I am now confident that if I applied what I have learned at Front Sight, I can protect my loved ones and myself."  As Mr. Jensen mentioned, he has had guns in his family his entire life, but there are several students of Front Sight who have never held a gun or even been in a room with a firearm, and they leave their first course feeling confident in their abilities to handle one. The instructors at Front Sight really care about their students, and are trained beyond comparison. Many of the instructors are seasoned law enforcement officials or military personnel, but they bring about the training in a fun way rather than with a boot camp attitude. 

Everyone, whether they are male or female, should learn proper self defense. Like we saw in the case of Fields and Kemp, it is not unheard of for a man to be a victim. If you are a man who thinks that you do not need self defense training because you are "strong enough to protect yourself," think again.