Not Just for Gun Owners

Front Sight

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute near Las Vegas, Nevada understands the importance of well rounded training. Despite the title, "Firearms Training Institute," Dr. Ignatius Piazza, the founder of Front Sight, wants his students to be trained in every aspect of self defense, not just with guns.  Dr. Piazza offers exceptional, world class gun training, but also offers courses in martial arts, child safety, defensive driving, rope, rappelling, climbing, and edged weapons.

The firearm training section offers an opportunity to learn about different guns, how to handle, use, and take care of them. The course allows for training in handguns, rifles, shotguns, and automatic weapons such as the Uzi Submachine Gun and the Select Fire M16. Each class teaches its students procedures from the basic loading and unloading to more advanced techniques like target engagement from arms length to fifteen to a hundred yards under time pressure, and everything in between such as how to hold the gun, how to stand, sight picture and alignment, trigger control, how to draw a firearm from its holster, malfunction clearing, reloading, and speed. Courses are also offered to teach about concealed weapons, how to shoot at night and in places with low visibility, and moving and shooting.

Dr. Piazza understands that self defense training goes beyond just firearm training. To thoroughly be capable of defending one's self, that person must be familiar with the concept of martial arts. This is why Dr. Ignatius Piazza's program at Front Sight offers an empty hands course. This course is important because there are multiple places where it is illegal to carry a weapon.  It trains the students to defend themselves against single attackers as well as multiple attackers. Students will learn how to handle verbal challenges, how to fall correctly, striking techniques and how to defend themselves against someone that is armed, among other things. 

Another aspect of self defense is training in edged weapons.  Knife training is crucial, because like guns, these weapons in improperly trained hands can be dangerous. The edged weapon course will teach students the self defense techniques that the martial arts section teaches, while adding deploying, counter attack techniques, using a knife at long ranges, and choosing a knife.

As imperative as it is for adults to have proper self defense training, it is important for young ones to have this training as well. There are two different courses for this: children's safety and youth safety. Both courses teach how to recognize a threat and how to handle it, how to avoid these situations, and how and when to run through age appropriate lessons and activities. It will teach them how to be aware of their surroundings and understand their environment. 

Rope, rappelling, and climbing become important especially to families that like to camp in the mountains. The course informs students about the equipment, how to tie study knots, how to set anchors, and many other specifics. Without decent climbing abilities, even a simple hike in the mountains can turn into tragedy.  This course helps to prevent that tragedy.   

Dr. Piazza's program goes beyond firearm training. It goes further and into all other aspects of self defense training so that students can come out of it prepared to handle anything that comes their way.