Protect You and Yours

Firearms Training

You are lying on the cold pavement. The taste of blood fills your mouth as you wince at the shooting pain traveling from your jaw to your fingertips. You can barely move your head, but look up with stinging eyes to see that your car - and your wife - are both gone. Voices of onlookers fill the air, speaking of the man that attacked you and took your wife, holding a gun to her head. He threatened to shoot her just as he shot you if she did not succumb. Sirens howl distantly and then nothing. Blackness. 

What is the worst part about this story? Is it that a man lost his car and his wife? Is it possible that the worst part is what is going to happen to his wife in the hands of her kidnapper? Or maybe it is that this man lost his life? No, the worst part is that the whole story could have been prevented. If the man and / or his wife had had proper self defense training, the attacker would have had much less of a chance. Even if you do not care about protecting yourself, when you have a family to protect, why would you want to risk something like this happening? 

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute makes it easy to get the training you need to protect your loved ones.  It is located just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada on a 550 acre plot of land. Dr. Ignatius Piazza, the founder of Front Sight, now directs the institution and works hard to make it the best place someone can go for gun training and other forms of self defense training. Not only is it conveniently located, Front Sight offers a great number of courses throughout the year, so that there are many chances to go. There are longer, several day courses, one and two day courses, and even half day courses so that there are no excuses for not having time. Dr. Piazza does everything possible to make it convenient for everyone because he knows how important this training is. 

What is especially wonderful about Front Sight is that it is a family environment. There are courses for adults, like handgun training, automatic weapons training, shotgun training, rifle training, edged weapons training, martial arts training and defensive driving training. But not only does Front Sight offer adult courses, the institute has classes for the children and teens of the family, too.  There is a youth safety training course and a child safety training course because young people must also be able to protect themselves against an attacker. 

Peter M. Juknelis, the Vice President of Maryland Law Enforcement Officers, Inc. said, "[…] my entire family came to Front Sight for our vacation. My parents, my two brothers, my sister-in-law, my wife, my three children, and I had the greatest vacation we've EVER had! […] I've had over seven years of law enforcement firearms training
through my job with the Maryland Division of Correction."  There is something at Front Sight for everyone in your family. So the next time you take a family trip to Las Vegas, why not swing by Front Sight and learn how to save your loved ones lives?