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Front Sight students completing courses in firearms instruction leave Front Sight with skills that surpass 99% of all gun owners.

That's what Ignatius Piazza claims. Front Sight backs it up!

When asked about the gun training students who leave Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, Ignatius Piazza, the founder and director of Front Sight insists that firearms training students leaving Front Sight are better trained than 99% of all gun owners in America, including police officers and soldiers; all this without any boot camp mentality or drill instructor attitudes.

Do you want to be able to shoot faster and more accurately than a SWAT cop or Navy SEAL? Then now is the time to act! Come to Front Sight and attend a firearms training course. Their cadre of dedicated and expert firearms training instructors will show you how to perform faster, more accurately and better than 99% of all other gun owners and users in the nation.

This claim does not come from Ignatius Piazza's dreams: he's not merely boasting.  Simply acting as a conduit for the reports given to him by the thousands of law enforcement and military firearms training students who have come to Front Sight and told Ignatius Piazza of their incredible increase in abilities (over their own boot camp or training academies). PLUS without any boot camp mentality or drill instructor attitudes.

And it's not only the average street cop or Army infantryman or private reporting as such to Ignatius Piazza.  Just as often as the "lower-rung" Army enlisted men, Front Sight plays host to Special Operations personnel, SWAT cops and Marine Corps officers who receive their training right next to private citizens from all walks of life. Who attends Front Sight firearms training courses?  Blue collar workers, doctors, accountants, dentists, accountants and housewives, shooting right alongside soldiers and cops. Every single gun training student leaves Front Sight with skills surpassing 99% of all gun owners. No small claim, and certainly no exaggeration, Front Sight leads the nation in firearms training by a country mile.

Here's the proof you're looking for: a video sample of some of the scores of unsolicited testimonials from Front Sight firearms training students in law enforcement and the military and as well as private citizens. Simply wishing to pass along their success and why they travel across the United States, flying over the other gun training schools and driving right past every other gun training instructor to take firearms training courses over and over again at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute.

So do you want firearms skills which surpass 99% of gun owners in America?  Then it's time to come to Front Sight Firearms Training Institute and receive what everyone in the industry is calling the nation's finest gun training.

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