Mental Awareness Can Save Your Life

Front Sight - Firearms Training Increases Awareness

Self defense training at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute gives people the opportunity to deter crimes and save lives. The gun training offered at Front Sight could have helped out in a situation in Manhattan, when twenty year old Rafael Rabinovich-Ardans attempted to rob a jewelry store in the Waldorf-Astoria hotel. He pulled out a gun and used it to smash two display cases of jewelry. Gregory Boyle, a fifty four year old security guard, tried to stop the man, and was hit in the upper chest by a bullet, but officials do not know if it was Rabinovich-Ardens that fired or someone else. Another hotel employee tackled the suspect, who was still armed, and the gun fired again, this time luckily not hitting anyone.

No one in the jewelry store seemed to notice the armed suspect come in. Several customers were in shock, running around, screaming at other people to leave. Melanie Truman, a tourist from the United Kingdom, said, "We felt really safe and we've been talking to people who've assured us this city is safe. Then we come back and find this." 

This just goes to show that crimes can happen anywhere and at anytime, even in what is considered a safe city. Criminals do not just prey on unsafe cities; they will attack anywhere. Also, the story proves that everyone should get self defense training. Although security guards can help to protect people, as shown in this incident, sometimes they are incapacitated and unable to fight further.  (Thankfully, Boyle did not get killed by the bullet.)  Firearms training and martial arts training, as well as other forms of self defense training offered at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute near Las Vegas, Nevada, could have helped everyone in the Waldorf-Astoria robbery. It would have helped Boyle, because Front Sight's training exceeds law enforcement and military standards. He could have possibly been even better prepared to take on the suspect. It would have helped the hotel employee who tackled Rabinovich-Ardens, because Dr. Piazza, founder and director of Front Sight, makes sure that students know how to defend themselves against armed and unarmed people. When the employee tackled the robber, the robber's gun fired. Luckily it did not strike the employee, but it could have, and then there would have been two victims of gunshots. There are ways to tackle armed people, and Front Sight teaches students how.  Front Sight would have benefited the customers in the store. As previously mentioned, no one actually noticed what was going on until other people started running around in a panic. Front Sight's Color Code of Mental Awareness teaches individuals how to be aware of their surroundings and notice even small things that could potentially be threatening. Knowing the Color Code of Mental Awareness, customers of the jewelry store would have been more likely to notice a man entering the store with a gun, making it more possible for them to act accordingly.

 Front Sight gives students a greater level of competence and confidence in their firearms and self defense abilities, increasing their chances of survival in a life threatening situation.