From Fright to Might

Front Sight

"When you decide you never want to be a victim, Front Sight is the only place I would recommend. Front Sight has professional, high class, top-of-the-line instructors," said Darlen Stubbs. Linda L. Hinze, a High School Teacher, said, "Engage the real world by being alert for yourself and family. Learn safe and constructive ways to stay alert and face fear rather than panic."  Both statements are testimonials from women who have attended Dr. Ignatius Piazza's program at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. Gun training is not just for men. Women nowadays desperately need to learn the skills of self defense. The number of sexual assault and rape incidents can not go unnoticed. In 2007, more than 90,000 rapes were reported. The statistic molds from a silent shiver down your spine into a nasty gnawing deep in your stomach when faced with the question:  How many were left unreported? One can only imagine. Women need to be able to protect themselves.

Some people think that when confronted with the possibility of rape, they will just know what to do to handle the situation. They think that adrenaline will prevail and they will escape, or that someone will come rescue them. These are the lucky cases. In the times when there is no one to come to the rescue, a woman must defend herself. However, more often than not, a woman who is about to be raped will subconsciously change body modes. Her body will give in. Screams for help will turn into silent tears burning her cheeks. Her mind will lay itself down and try to block out what is about to happen. When there is nothing left she can do, her mind will protect itself by becoming darkness. But there is something she can do, and it's called Front Sight.

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is located about sixty minutes driving distance outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. It is a 550 acre gated community where people can receive handgun training, shotgun training, rifle training, automatic weapon training, martial arts training, defensive driving training, edged weapons training, youth safety training, children's safety training, rope training, and climbing training, all courses taught by extremely skilled instructors. It was founded by Dr. Piazza in 1996 with the intent of creating a place where people could come to get a positive view on self defense and weapons training, as well as non-weapons defense training. Front sight welcomes men, women, adults, teens, and children, because Dr. Piazza knows the importance of learning self defense at every age.

All though rape is not caused by a lack of self defense training, being prepared can help prevent it from happening. Training will help a woman to remain calm to defend herself against an attacker. It can turn her fright into might and teach her the techniques to get out of the situation. The days where guns and martial arts were just for the boys are over. Daughters and wives, sisters and mothers, aunts and nieces, cousins and friends - no woman should be without self defense training.