Getting the Best From the Best

Front Sight

Firearm training is made practical, beneficial, and enjoyable with Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, located on 550 acres near Las Vegas, Nevada. Dr. Ignatius Piazza created Front Sight in April of 1996, with the mission to "provide students with the world's finest firearms training, in a safe and responsible environment so they could experience the freedom and comfort that is achieved through skill at arms."  Taught by skilled firearm professionals, the program leaves students with abilities that exceed 99% of the gun owning population.

Front Sight appeals to an array of people, no matter what gender, age, profession, or walk of life, because Dr. Piazza specifically designed his program with diversity in mind. The training institute offers a variety of programs, making it possible for just about anyone to find something to learn. Courses include handgun, shotgun, rifle, or automatic weapons training; care for firearms; knife training; non-weapon training such as martial arts; youth education; rope, rappelling, and climbing techniques; defensive driving and private training

Anyone interested in self defense will benefit from Front Sight Firearms Training. In the world we live in today, having adequate gun training - as well as non-weapon training - is important, if not necessary. According to The Disaster Center's Rothstein Catalogue for Disaster Planning United States Crime Rates, in 2007 there were 16,929 murders, 90,427 rapes, 445,125 robberies and 2,176,140 burglaries, among other unnecessary and preventable crimes. How many of these crimes could have been deterred with proper self defense training? 

The purpose of Front Sight is to "positively change the image of gun ownership in our lifetime."  Front Sight is well on its way to doing just that. Every year since its opening, Front Sight has doubled in size, and is set up perfectly to continue this path into the coming years. 

The dream began in 1988 when Dr. Piazza's neighborhood was ravaged by a drive by shooting. Looking back, it was then that a light went on in his head. He says, "Although I owned firearms and shot them regularly at the range, I was never taught the skills required to use a gun when it is needed most—to defend one's life."  He realized that there was no good in owning a firearm if he did not know how to properly use it. The journey began. Dr. Piazza was determined, put in thousands of hours of practice, and three years later became an expert in Special Pistol, Shotgun, Carbine, and Rifle courses. He wanted to pass along his knowledge to others so that the world could become a safer place with regards to firearms, but was not satisfied with only being an expert. He knew he needed to be a master. So he set out to conquer the Four Weapons Combat Master Test - a test that requires an unimaginable skill of handgun, rifle, shotgun and submachine gun handling to earn certification. One man in the world had held a Four Weapons Combat Master certificate. 

And then there was Dr. Ignatius Piazza - the second man in the world to obtain this honor. Students of Front Sight can be confident that they will be receiving only the best training. Dr. Piazza pledges this. The best come from the best. Students of Front Sight become the best.