Winter Roads Become Manageable With Front Sight

Front Sight Offers Defensive Driving Training

The winter months bring more than holiday fever, tasty food and late nights. They bring rain, wind and icy roads. When was the last time you drove on a dampened freeway and thought, "Wow! My fellow drivers are excellent at driving in the rain!"  If you are anything like me, the last time you thought that was fifteen minutes before never. Unless, of course, your thoughts were peppered with sarcasm. 

The winter of 2008-2009 is predicted to be colder than normal, bringing dangerous roads and hazardous conditions.  Do you know how to handle your vehicle if it starts to hydroplane? What about if someone near you spins out of control? Defensive driving training can teach you how to handle these situations as well as others that may arise as a result of severe weather.  Front Sight Firearms Training Institute will soon offer classes in defensive driving that can help you learn these techniques.

The name is Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, but it offers several different types of self defense training. Dr. Ignatius Piazza, founder and director of Front Sight is determined to spread the word about self defense. He knows that it is extremely important to be able to protect yourself in any situation. However, the bad guys do not just attack by pulling a gun out or raising a fist. Some attack on the road. You need to be prepared. That is why Ignatius Piazza will offer defensive driving in addition to his handgun training, shotgun training, rifle training, martial arts training and edged weapons training courses. 

The defensive driving course at Front Sight will teach the intense maneuvers like how to handle obstacles while braking or at high speeds, forward and reverse 180 degree turns and pro active offensive driving, as well as more basic techniques such as driving at night or in the rain. The class will give you the opportunity to become an all around safer driver. It is an incredible opportunity for you and your teen children if you have them. In a world of cell phone usage, in dash CD players and fast food restaurants, many people are all over the road. Learn how to avoid them. In the coming months of rain, floods and mudslides, streets will become slippery. Learn how to stay safe on them. In the time of greedy people, intentional accidents and insurance frauds, money can slip through your fingers. Learn how to prevent it. 

Years ago, sixteen year old Adam pulled fifteen year old Annie out of the overturned vehicle through the window. He had been driving. It had been a joy ride, seventy miles an hour around a curve. No big deal, right? When the car started swerving out of control, being untrained, he did not know what to do. It went up an embankment and flipped, landing upside down, almost crushing her. He managed to get himself out and ran to the passenger side.  He held her as she took her last breath. 

Imagine waking up everyday and remembering that.