Mental Awareness Can Save Your Life

Front Sight's Color Code of Mental Awareness

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute wants to help people save lives. In Santa Clara this week, there was a shooting at the offices of SiPort Inc., leaving three people dead. Proper self defense training could have possibly kept those three people alive. 
Police say that on Friday afternoon, 47 year old Jing Hua Wu walked into one of the buildings and shot the victims and then escaped the scene before police arrived. He was found and arrested on Saturday. He had been let go from the company this week. 
This story brings up an interesting question. Can we expect more of these happenings? The economy is suffering miserably. Companies are laying people off left and right. What if it is your company that lays someone off, driving that person over the edge? How will you protect yourself?

Learning the Color Code of Mental Awareness can help save your life - and your coworker's lives. It teaches people how to be more aware of their surroundings, so that you, being engrossed in your work, still have the ability to notice when someone out of place walks into the office, or that he is carrying some sort of gun, giving you time to respond to the situation and the chance to save lives. If you do not notice these things happening, your chances of surviving are greatly reduced because one second you could be working adamantly at your computer and the next second gunshots are being fired.  As important as it is to be aware of your environment and the things happening in it, you must also know how to handle situations when they arise. Just being aware in itself is not going to stop a situation, but it will give you an edge over people who are unaware. Students of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute have the opportunity to learn the Color Code of Mental Awareness, as well as several other aspects of self defense. 

When it comes to saving your own life or other people's lives, you can never be too prepared. That is why Front Sight offers courses in handgun training, rifle training, shotgun training, automatic weapons training, edged weapons training (knife training), and martial arts training, among other things. They even offer night gun training.  Front Sight is dedicated to training people, protecting as many people possible and saving lives. 

M. Cameron Jensen, a physician said of Front Sight, "The training was very personal. It seemed like one-on-one most of the time. The instructors made sure everyone was up to speed so no one was left behind. Dr. Piazza's lectures were extremely informative and dramatically presented invaluable information rarely found elsewhere which is essential to be truly prepared for a real-life self defense encounter."  That is said perfectly.  "[…] a real-life self defense encounter."  Many people are prepared to shoot at a paper target at a shooting range, a row of beer cans on a wall, or a dummy positioned across the room, but if encountered with a real-life threatening situation, such as the Santa Clara murders, would they be prepared?