A Message to the Liberals

Gun Training

Several of my liberal friends have given me grief for so strongly supporting the firearms training institute called Front Sight. Actually, some of my conservative friends have also questioned me. I have even been asked, "Aren't you a bit liberal to be doing that?" 

… Really?

I will lay it out.  I am pro choice, support gay rights and am all for going green. And I stand behind the Second Amendment and the National Rifle Association. Strongly. My question is this. Since when does someone have to be considered a conservative to want to learn how to protect themselves? 

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute trains students in self defense, offering courses like Handgun Training, Edged Weapons Training, and Martial Arts Training. It even offers courses for child safety and youth safety. Last time I checked, self defense showed no political views. Just because I am considered a liberal does not mean I do not want to learn how to protect myself against an attacker. When was the last time you saw a story on the news with a headline something like, "Armed Robber Does Not Shoot: Victims Were Anti-Gun"? It does not matter whether someone is right or left wing; self defense is universal. Whether you are a gun enthusiast or an avid supporter of gun control, being able to defend yourself is still important.

If someone pulls a gun out and points it at you, do you not want to be able to protect yourself?  Better yet, if someone pulls a gun out and aims it at your wife or your children, would you be comfortable knowing that you have no way of stopping the bullets from flying, because you have never been trained in the area? Front Sight will give you these skills, so that you and your loved ones can feel confident and secure. The training offered by Dr. Ignatius Piazza and his team of instructors is unsurpassed, giving you skills that will top ninety nine percent of the gun owning population - including people that use guns for a living, like law enforcement officials and military personnel. 

If you never in your life have to handle a situation that requires you to use self defense skills, I envy you. Look at crime statistics. Rapes, murders, armed robberies and car thefts, to name a few, are at disgusting levels. With the rapid growth of the internet, internet predators and pedophiles are able to strike more easily. Adults and children alike need to be learning defense mechanisms to ward off these attackers and to increase their own chances of survival. Dr. Piazza's goal is to spread the word about self defense, so that even if our country itself does not become safer, we will be safer, because we will be able to protect ourselves and our loved ones. 

Everyone deserves to be safe. The battle between conservatives and liberals should not be brought into self defense training. Say Joe and Jim are at a bar. A fight breaks out and someone points a gun at them. If Jim is liberal, is he "too liberal" to save Joe's life? I am liberal.  Do I support Dr. Piazza and Front Sight Firearms Training Institute?  You betcha.