Repeat Offender Incarcerated - But For How Long?

Firearms training and other forms of self defense training can save your life.

Last week, a man named Charles Harris was arrested for killing his fifty year old girlfriend, Robin Young of Rock Island, Illinois. Police found Young in a parked car in Davenport, wedged between the front and back seats, after being missing for six days. Sadly, this is not Harris' first count of violent action. In December of 1986, he was convicted of voluntary manslaughter. He was paroled - before three and a half year's time - in April of 1990, and discharged from parole two years later. On February 14, 1995, he was sentenced to sixteen years in prison for beating his estranged wife. He agreed to a plea bargain to home invasion, and his charges of aggravated battery, attempted murder and armed violence were dropped. He was paroled in May of 2002 and discharged from that parole two and a half years later. Not even a year later, in September of 2005, another woman pressed charges against him and she was given a two year order of protection against him. When he violated the order, he was sentenced to twelve months on conditional discharge and had to pay $588. 

In a world where someone with a history of violent attacks - including voluntary manslaughter, battery and attempted murder - can roam the streets unnoticed, we all need protection. Think about it. Sure, this man was locked up, but he was only incarcerated for a short period of time, EACH TIME, before being allowed back out into the public, where he was able to prey on other women. What is going to happen this time? Another few years in prison and then back to us? What good is a "restraining order" when, if it is violated, the attacker gets a slap on the hand and has to pay a whopping $588? Many people can reach into their wallets and fork that type of money over - in cash. How is it supposed to offer us a sense of protection? It totally fails. There are two great ways to actually feel protected, safe and secure from these types of people - either pay a tower of a man to be your personal bodyguard, or get yourself some adequate self defense training.

Since that first option is kind of far fetched for most people, Dr. Ignatius Piazza offers an opportunity to secure the second option - self defense training. He founded, and now directs, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, where anyone and everyone can get superb training in every area of self defense, such as handgun training, rifle training, shotgun training, martial arts training, edged weapons training and so much more. There are even courses to train your kids, whether they are small children or teenagers, because you cannot be there to protect them one hundred percent of the time. It does not matter if you are a seasoned gun enthusiast or an average law abiding citizen; Front Sight has a course for you. It has been rated among the best firearms training institutes in the world and continues to uphold that title. Front Sight can help you protect yourself against attackers, so why risk not having that protection?