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With Front Sight Self defense Training

A man broke into her house. She was raped, beaten severely on the head and upper torso and then left to die. Her mother found her. Doctors say nearly every bone in her face was broken. She died five days later as a result of the injuries. Who was she? A twenty six year old anchorwoman from Little Rock, Arkansas, Anne Pressly. Her killer is Curtis Lavelle Vance, who has since been arrested. Pressly's mother said, "This monster stole my daughter's innocence. He took her life. He took her identity." 

Dr. Ignatius Piazza of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute near Las Vegas, Nevada, wants to prevent these things from happening. Unfortunately, there will probably always be people who want to commit violent crimes. However, we have the power to prevent them. Dr. Piazza and his team of highly trained instructors give the highest quality of self defense training possible. Not only do they train people how to use and handle firearms through handgun training, rifle training, shotgun training automatic weapons training, they offer edged weapons training and martial arts training as well as other forms of self defense training. Thinking about how Miss Pressly's mother must have felt when she walked into her daughter's bedroom, finding her unconscious and bloodied, sickens me. No one should have to go through either event - a savage rape and beating or finding the victim

The courses offered at Front Sight teach the strategies and techniques needed in order to stop an attack. Students will learn how to defend themselves against armed and unarmed attackers, single attackers and multiple attackers.  Front Sight makes people competent and confident in their self defense skills, making it more possible for them to escape from life threatening situations. Many people have the mindset that they do not need the training, because if a situation arises, they will "just know" what to do and be able to fight and win. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. In fact, many times, a victim's mind will shut down and the person will not know how to respond. In the case of some people, the body will shut down so much, that the victim will even forget how to scream for help, thus decreasing the chance of escape even more. Being confident in your self defense skills will increase your chance of survival not only because you know how to fight off an attacker, but because your mind is less likely to shut down. 

Thinking that an attack will "never happen to me" is naïve. Attacks can happen to anyone, anywhere. Do you live in a nice neighborhood? I do. Several robberies happened in my neighborhood in a short period of time a few months ago. I know the girl that was raped in her house by her ex boyfriend when she was thirteen. She lived on my street. How is your city? Low crime rates? Me, too! The pizza place where I worked when I was fifteen was robbed at gun point maybe an hour after I went home that night. There were bomb threats at my high school. No one is exempt from being involved in unsafe situations. You owe it to yourself and to your loved ones to learn how to protect yourself.