Save a Life in 1.5 Seconds

Front Sight

What can you do in 1.5 seconds? You can probably do more in that amount of time than you think - shake someone's hand, buckle your seatbelt, get half way through saying your full name, save a life. Wait - what? Save a life in 1.5 seconds? Attend a gun training course at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute and you will be a believer. 

Dr. Ignatius Piazza's program at Front Sight offers superior firearms training and other self defense training. The superior training given by Dr. Piazza's carefully selected instructors goes above and beyond what the average firearm owning citizen would expect. An idea driven by a random drive by shooting in Dr. Piazza's neighborhood in 1988, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute has grown to become one of the best places in the world to get exceptional training in weaponry.  It is at Front Sight where students can learn how to draw a firearm from a concealed holster, aim at their target, shoot, and hit the target in - you guessed it - 1.5 seconds. 

Front Sight has gun training courses that teach students how to handle, use, and care for their weapons. Whether you are looking for handgun training, rifle training, or shotgun training, Front Sight has an option. Courses are also offered in automatic weapons training. The courses leave students with skills and techniques that exceed the skills of 99% of the gun owning population. Each course is even further individualized, so students can be sure that they are getting exactly what they want and need. There are several different paths to take, such as a defensive handgun course, a shotgun skill builder course or a precision rifle course. There are even night time courses available, so that students can learn how to operate a firearm when they have little to no light.

But Front Sight is more than just having a great selection of firearms training classes to choose from. The instructors are a huge part of what makes Front Sight Firearms Training Institute as prestigious and effective as it is. The selection process is long and demanding; applicants must complete a four day Instructor Development Program. Dr. Piazza holds each applicant to a very high standard, and less than ten percent of applicants pass the course. If they do not pass, they do not get the job. Once working for Front Sight, instructors have to keep up on their skills by attending classes that ensure that their abilities do not waver. They never get "comfortable" in their position, allowing themselves to get lazy. They are always on top of their game one hundred percent. That is why the instructors that Front Sight does have are beyond compare. 

Fred Mastison, a martial arts instructor said of Front Sight, "There are few places on earth that are sincerely driven to excellence. Front Sight is one of those places. The confidence to effectively shoot to protect has been by my time here. Thank you for serving." 

So, the next time you think about what you can do in 1.5 seconds, are you going to think about opening a can of soda, or are you going to think about saving a life?