Gun Control Laws Lessening

Concealed weapons

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute offers exceptional training to law abiding citizens who wish to practice their right to own a firearm. As the years pass, many laws on gun control are being made less restrictive, if not being eliminated completely. Over the past two decades, the number of states that allow citizens to carry firearms has risen, as well as the number of people who own guns. Who would have thought this would make violent crimes decrease in number? Our founding fathers, of course. They apparently knew what they were talking about when they drafted the Constitution of the United States of America. 

Every year, the number of privately owned guns rises by about 4.5 million, meaning currently there are over 250 million privately owned guns in America. The statistics show that violent crime has dropped. With the exception of a slight increase in 2005 and 2006, the crime rate has dropped every year since 1991. From 1999 to the present, the murder rate in the United States has been lower than it has been since 1966. If you look at the state statistics, you will notice that states with Right to Carry laws have lower violent crime rates on average, when compared to states without these laws.

As these Right to Carry laws are becoming more and more prevalent, so is the need for adequate training in the area of firearms. If you do choose to own a gun, it is your responsibility to know how to use it and how to handle it safely. Owning a gun and not knowing how to use it is a danger to yourself, your loved ones and everyone else around you. Not knowing how to handle a firearm is how accidental deaths happen. We need to learn how to prevent these accidental deaths and keep our families safe.  Front Sight does just that. Dr. Ignatius Piazza's emphasis on gun safety is incredible. His courses at Front Sight have taught even the most timid people, the people who could not even be in a room with a gun without feeling anxious, how to do everything from carrying a gun to aiming and shooting it, while feeling completely safe and confident. The instruction offered is second to none; it does not matter if you are a gun enthusiast or someone that gets scared looking at a picture of a gun. Front Sight is an opportunity unlike any other. You can walk into your first course feeling shy, frightened or apprehensive about holding a firearm, and walk out days later with skills that surpass 99 percent of the gun owning population - even people who use guns for a living. That is not even an overstatement.  Take it from an actual Front Sight Student.

Haley Lowy, a Metallurgical Engineer said, "This Front Sight course gave me the confidence and sense of competence that allowed me to feel safe and confident in picking up and handling a gun. I learned an incredible amount in an extremely short period of time. I learned not only how to shoot better but also how to improve my skills on my own. Front Sight went above and beyond to teach me about the psychology needed to own, carry, and use a gun; and also how to work with the after effects, should such need occur."