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For the Finest Concealed Carry Courses and the Most Comprehensive Gun Training in America, Ignatius Piazza's Brainchild Front Sight is The Place To Be!

Front Sight

The Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is the place for all Americans to go to for the world's finest gun training.  The "Mecca for CCW Holders", Front Sight offers the finest firearms training courses available to private citizens. There is no other gun training institution that can offer the high level of professional firearms training which Front Sight offers.

Front Sight delivers gun training to more firearms training students than all other major firearms training schools in the nation combined. The reason for this is simple: Ignatius Piazza has honed his firearms training course curriculum for years.  Even today, every single gun training student acts as a guiding force for Front Sight's gun training courses: if something fails to work well, or something works remarkably well, that aspect is seized upon and improved or altered, accordingly. Whether a gun training student signs up for one of Ignatius Piazza's Two Day Handgun Training courses, or an intensive Five Day Self Defense Training course, there is no firearms training student who won't be trained personally and intelligently.

Ignatius Piazza has for years boasted that the firearms training available at Front Sight rivals or surpasses the gun training available in boot camps for most armed forces and police academies without any boot camp mentality or drill instructor attitudes.  He knows this to be the case because he has had thousands of law enforcement and military personnel come through Front Sight as gun training students and demonstrate and attest that their skills increased dramatically under the tutelage of the Front Sight gun training instructors, without any boot camp mentality or drill instructor attitudes from Front Sight. SWAT cops and Navy SEALs alike, all have been blown away by their increase in skill.

Ignatius Piazza's challenge that Front Sight turns out better training than most police academies (but still without any boot camp mentality or drill instructor attitudes) was defended on his 26-episode reality television show, "Front Sight Challenge".  "Front Sight Challenge" puts private citizen gun owners trained by Front Sight up against law enforcement professionals and special military operations personnel.  The competitors are put toe-to-toe in gun and tactics competitions to determine the quickest, most precise proficiency with firearms. Firearms training students of Front Sight won thirteen of the twenty-six episodes, using not only handguns but also submachine guns, rifles, shotguns and M16s.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the professional and dedicated cadre of firearms training instructors at Front Sight are run like a well-oiled clock under the careful guidance of Ignatius Piazza. This makes the firearms training experience at Front Sight unlike any other. It is readily available for all firearms owners and future gun training students of any skill level.

Firearms Training Instructors at Front Sight Are Finest in the Industry!

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute has as its foundation the knowledge and expertise that Ignatius Piazza crafted by visiting all other top gun training schools prior to founding Front Sight.  With not only the data he'd received from what were then the country's best gun training schools, but also the experience of what it was like to experience the instruction at each of those firearms training schools, he was able to create what is today's finest gun training school, Front Sight.

Because Ignatius Piazza was experiencing the world of gun training from the bottom up, he was able to see which firearms training techniques worked well, and which were better left to those who were under the impression that they were effective. He saw the multiple actions which could be taken to improve a gun training student's skills drastically and quickly.

The impression which Ignatius Piazza got from all the gun training he received was that in order to create the finest firearms training school in the industry, he would have to have the finest gun training instructors available. He realized that only the most professional firearms training experts would do for what would become the premiere firearms training school.

In order to assure that the gun training instructors he found were only of the highest caliber, Ignatius Piazza developed the Firearms Training Instructor Development Program. Its number one goal and purpose?  To train any person into a world-class Front Sight Firearms Training Instructor.

Now Ignatius Piazza claims that he can take any firearms owner with the right personal characteristics and train them into the finest firearms training instructors in the world. He then keeps them on at Front Sight and utilizes not only their vast knowledge but also their compassion, ability to teach, and assertiveness to turn normal gun training students into professionals.

Straight from Front Sight's Firearms Training Instructor Manual, the following are the characteristics required for acceptance into Front Sight Firearms Training Instructor Development Program:

"Philosophy of a Front Sight Firearms Training Instructor:

"1. The ability to perform on demand exactly what you are teaching to the students.

"2. A strong desire and ability to impart your knowledge and expertise to the students.

"3. Voice, posture, vocabulary, and appearance that secures the students' respect for your position as their instructor.

"4. High moral and ethical character which leaves you behaving appropriately on and off the range.

"5. A memory that allows you to always remember what it is like to be a student.

"6. The integrity to teach your course exactly as it is outlined in Front Sight's curriculum with no alteration to the instructional doctrine."

Ignatius Piazza does not require previous firearms training experience in order to become a Front Sight Firearms Training Instructor.  This is because Ignatius Piazza knows that the firearms training one can receive at Front Sight is more than sufficient to fully deliver gun training to another individual.

The capacity and quality found in Ignatius Piazza's firearms training cadre is one of the many things that truly sets Front Sight apart from the rest, as is evident in the numerous commendations and positive remarks left by firearms training students leaving or returning to Front Sight.

According to Ignatius Piazza, while he accepts those without previous firearms training, he is always looking for professionals with previous gun training experience.  Anyone with professional firearms training instruction, law enforcement training, military training are just as welcome at Front Sight as those without. But leave your desire for any boot camp mentality or drill instructor attitudes behind!  You won't find that at Front Sight!

Those interested in becoming a Front Sight firearms training instructor should contact Front Sight at their earliest possible convenience.  Enroll in a course, discover if Front Sight is the place for you to be, and then talk to Ignatius Piazza about enrolling in Front Sight's Four Day Firearms Training Instructor Development Course.

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